Topaz 2.30 CT - Triangle Shape

KWD 28.000
  • Topaz stone is effective against bleeding and heart disease and is said to brighten vision and help with eye issues.
  • Buy this precious topaz in a triangle shape, sky blue hues of topaz go great with any metal color.
  • When paired with gold, silver, or yellow jewelry, it attracts all the attention in the gathering.
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Topaz is a popular gemstone which constitutes of aluminum silicate-containing hydroxyl and fluorine. This rare and precious stone is available in multiple color variants, but the purest one is colorless, i.e., white. It has been used in Egyptian times as it was believed to get its hue from the Sun God. Its name is considered to have a French, Latin and Greek origin.

References to this gem are also found in the old Christian testament. Some people believe that its name originated from the Greek word Topazos and the Sanskrit word Tapas which means fire.

Blue topaz is one of the most popular and in-demand variants of topaz and is the most valuable too. It is widely found in Brazil. Its value is determined by its color intensity. Untreated blue topaz can vitalize your body, and it works by transforming the water consumed by a person. Untreated blue topaz means the one that is not exposed to any radiations and is the naturally blue form of topaz. It makes the water more nourishing, hydrating and oxygenating for your cells. It helps to flush out toxins and dissolve plaque from your body's tissues. This way it can cure illness and injury and has a relaxing effect on the mind. It reflects the energy of knowledge and mind and can stimulate self-confidence, ability to think and learn and be creative. It improves communication abilities too and helps in achieving perfection.